Whilst discussing the challenges we had, and were, facing in employment, we understood that inequality was the root cause of the problems we had faced. 
Despite our colour, gender, preferences or anything else about us, all we wanted was to be treated equally and be given a fair chance at promotions and new applications. 
As employers we have seen organisations miss out appointing the best people due to bias, likewise through our careers, we have also missed out on applications we have submitted, all as a result of bias. We feel that training can only partially solve the problem of bias, so we set out to solve it completely. If we didn’t then the world would face countless missed opportunities where bias was effecting people and the diversity scales would be constantly tipped in one direction or another. 
We believe that it is time we solve the problem once and for all and advance society forward by making employment equal for everyone! 
As a company committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, Equal Employer recognises the importance of seeking guidance and counsel from industry experts and thought leaders. 
The Board of Advisors is comprised of a diverse group of professionals with extensive experience in a variety of fields, including management, diversity and inclusion, business strategy, psychology, coaching, neurodiversity, and customer relations. Their collective knowledge and expertise will play a critical role in helping Equal Employer achieve its mission of creating a more equitable and fairer workplace for all employees. 
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