Equal Employer Essentials 

Equal Employer Essentials demonstrates a commitment to ethical hiring. 
Organisations use our tools during their screening stages to prevent bias in their sift. 

Equal Employer Certified 

When an organisation is certified as an Equal Employer, it means they’ve knocked biases out of their hiring process, so they always pick the very best candidate! 
Our secret recipe for recruitment makes hiring a breeze while keeping things fair and square. Our simple process and unbiased standards are the perfect match for every organisation. 
Our team check-in to guarantee your process is followed and the high standard is being met. 

Equal Employer Certified Plus 

Equal Employer Certified Plus, acknowledges that an organisation has removed all possible bias from their hiring process, and the way in which they promote. 
The result? A top-notch ethical hiring team, boosting diversity and securing the best available workforce. This supports ethical promotions, creating a diverse and sustainable succession plan. 
Your organisation now rocks at being a fair employer! We discreetly audit how the process was followed to ensure your teams are sticking to the playbook. 

Join Us 

Join us in our mission to create a world of equal employment. Get in touch with Equal Employer today to learn more about our certifications and how they can benefit your organisation. 
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