Human Process 

By using a human process with data-driven results, we allow organisations to remain in control, attain the best people on the market, and as a result; create a workforce that is diverse, and representative of the society it operates within. 

Key Features 

Multi-stage Applications 

We guide you through creating an efficient process, your way! Our system is flexible to your needs, intuitive, and simple to use. Each stage is structured to enable distance management with minimal effort. 

Psychometric Analysis 

We are partnering with leading psychometric providers, Thomas International. This ensures accurate, powerful data is provided for all personality, behavioural, emotional, and aptitude assessments. 

Manage Forms & Documents 

Easily manage all application documents in one place with our powerful administration features. This is just as easy for applicants, as each can have their own account. 

Video Interviews In-App 

There's no need to have additional links to external meetings. With Equal Employer all your meetings are auto-scheduled using your timings, communicated to your applicants and managed by our software. 

Evaluate Applicants with an Independent 3rd Party 

Equal Employer is the independent voice in the room. We communicate with our clients to help them recognise the best candidates in their applicant pool using our revolutionary algorithms. 

Remove Bias 

Tackle bias at all stages of the hiring process with a supportive tool that reduces the need for human admin, whilst simultaneously preventing bias featuring in decision making. Sounds amazing right? We really think it is! 
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