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“Evolution is more than monkey to human, it’s about incremental steps in becoming better versions of what we once were” 

Adam Botterill CEO 

“The wrong colour” 

The person who dreamt of fulfilling their vocation, gaining the necessary qualifications only to be pushed aside due to the colour of their skin. 

“The wrong Religion” 

The person who was not given a job they were best qualified for because the hiring manager felt that their religion would cause issues within the workplace. 

“The wrong Area” 

The person that did not get a chance because the hiring manager had a bias against the area the candidate lived and the school that they attended. 

“The wrong gender” 

The person with all the skills and knowledge who was deemed too weak for a job role because of their gender, although the role did not actually require strength. 
All of these are true experiences where hiring managers have had a bias, whether conscious or subconscious, resulting in individuals not being recruited based on characteristics that should have no influence on recruitment. 
In many cases the actual best person for the job, the one with the best qualifications, experiences and attitude, was not given the job because of bias. 

Say goodbye to biased hiring practices and hello to a more diverse and inclusive workforce. 

Join the movement towards equal employment today. Request a demo and see how Equal Employer can help your business thrive. 
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